Squirt squared off with the catsu who took the last bound to reach her. Sally could see the girl’s hands tighten into fists. She looked as insignificant as a fly on the side of an elephant. The best landed before her, opened its mouth and released a mighty roar. Sally imagined she could smell the stench of its breath even where she was, so far away. Squirt just stood there. Head tilted back, her form firm, she imagined the girl was just standing there staring death in the eye and feeling nothing.

Her fingers tightened against her stomach, until Drake’s hands covered hers and smoothed. Right. She wasn’t Squirt. She wasn’t alone. Her husband was here.

The catsu stopped, and seemed puzzled as to why the girl wasn’t screaming. Or running. Or doing anything in response.

Squirt rose onto her toes, opened her mouth, and roared back at him.

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