“First thing first. I would have you know the real me.”

“Okay,” she was helped to her feet by his assistance, though her legs were so shaky from the roller coaster of desire he’d placed her on that it was evident to both of them. Her body felt like a pulsing force of endless need. Sally decided it was wiser to ignore his laughter over her weakness. “Just hurry this up, funny man.”

“I pray you continue to think that when we are done.”

Sally tried for sheer bravado to deal with the simmering cauldron of terror she had in her gut. Her imagination was providing her with one more nightmarish sequence after another. “Drake, the suspense here is killing me.”

“I pray your reaction does not kill me.” Drake pulled out a new thick pair of socks from his dresser to add to her body. It might be summer but the night was chilled. She would not suffer from this experience. He guided her to the bed to sit and knelt before her. Sally put her hand out to stop him, “Drake, what are you doing?”

“You need something for your feet.”

“I can put on my own socks.”

His eyes glowed neon orange as he gazed up at her. “Tending you is my honor and right, woman.” Sally leaned forward and brushed a kiss against his lips. He had to tense all his muscles to keep from leaping on top of her. His response was an out of control fire with a mere hint of a spark from her. This was another sign his patience was wise; she was beginning to initiate contact. Reach out to him. “Your feet will grow cold if we do not cover them.”

Sally let him continue, her toes wiggling in the thick wool of the socks as he secured them. “Where have you been all my life?”

“Looking for you,” his answer came so swift he could not keep it back.

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