Guess what's coming? YUP. Some more from Omega Book 3, THE ICE DRAGON RISES, just for you. Get ready ... http://gph.is/OgSIqj Perhaps once again, Luke was just … not … enough. "I left her a note in the pantry," Sally said. "If you really wish to speak to her, go and see if it's gone. … Continue reading #WednesdayWIP


I've posted so many pieces from The Last Dragon, I thought a piece from book two, The Tides Turn, would be a nice change. I hope you like it. Sally piled the pickles on the slices of raw meat, slapped some cheese on top, rolled it together and started to chew. This baby was going … Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday


Also, sort of a #WIP, another piece of the third installment of the #OmegaChronicles, #TheIceDragonRises ... Luke was standing in the living room, flipping the remote in his hands as the minutes ticked by. He'd sent the elementals out to gather the Omega. It was time for them to talk. Blade was the first to … Continue reading #FridayReads


The Ice Dragon Rises is probably my favorite project so far. Check it out: Sally almost danced into the kitchen thinking of all the things she wanted to put on a tray and send up to her room. Once upon a time, most of the tray would have been for her husband, but after the … Continue reading #WednesdayWIP