The Ice Dragon Rises is probably my favorite project so far. Check it out:

Sally almost danced into the kitchen thinking of all the things she wanted to put on a tray and send up to her room. Once upon a time, most of the tray would have been for her husband, but after the orgasm she just had, she needed massive amounts of sustenance. Food. Yummy, yummy food. She wanted salty and sweet and large amounts of cheesy. Grabbing a loaf of bread, she slathered the pieces with the butter. One of the elementals had recreated an automatic butter melter dispenser thing and times like this it truly came in handy. Retrieving the blocks of cheddar and muenster, she hummed to herself as she covered the slices with cheese and slipped it under the broiler.

While the oven got busy with the melty thing, she sat down to write a note. If Avaris was coming into the house to get food, she wanted her to know Sally would like to see her. Maybe even sit down and have a chat? A cup of coffee? Well, she’d have to drink herbal tea because apparently baby doesn’t like coffee, but she’s still a good chatter.

“Find Sally, damn it. I need to see Sally, now.”

M.J.’s voice echoed out from

behind the freezer door that should have been sound proof. Sally rushed over to the freezer, concerned M.J. and Aquos got locked inside while exploring some of their more adventurous honeymoon dreams. Why someone would want to have sex in the freezer escaped her but her husband did have an unnatural love of having sex in water so who was she to judge?

Speaking of which, she was really going to have to talk to Drake about Tamar not using the underground spring where he could walk in on them at any time.

“I said find Sally,” M.J. repeated as she opened the door.

“Right here, silly.”

Everyone turned around at her announcement so fast she was surprised they didn’t topple like dominoes. “Squirt’s sick.”

Nodding, she stepped inside and shuddered when the chill hit her. Stealth pulled off his sweater and draped it over her shoulders. “What’s wrong with Squirt? And why is she inside the freezer?”

“It’s where she wanted to go,” Tamar explained.

“You don’t let someone half out of their minds with fever decide where they should sleep or how they’re treated. Pick her up and take her to her room.” The guys all stood there with dumbfounded looks on their faces. M.J. held Squirt’s hand in both of hers. “She’s your sister, this can be your choice if you want.”

“I don’t know.”

Sally shook her head. Moving closer to Squirt she was shocked when Luke caught her arm to prevent her from touching the girl. “Sall—Queen Salvation,” he cast a look at Ser Tamar. Super. What the hell did Tamar do this time? “Queen Salvation, the girl has the same disease we do. Are you sure you can risk this?”

“The girl—Squirt—is one of us. I declared her dragon, it doesn’t make her Omega, Luke.”

“Nevertheless, these are the same symptoms we suffer from.”

“And you fear for my baby.”

Luke nodded. Glancing at the other clan lords she realized they each had concerned expressions. “I just thought you should know.”

“Being near all of you hasn’t harmed me. I can’t possibly risk this girl’s life on a chance.”

“Damn it Sally-mine, how can you possibly be walking?”

Sally’s cheeks filled with color at her husband’s roar from the other room. “I went to get provisions.”

“You are burning your cheese sandwiches! These are not proper nourishment for an exhausted dragon queen.”

While her husband was distracted taking care of her snack, Sally reached out for Squirt and covered her head and chest with her open palms. Nothing. Maybe because it was so cold in here?

“Your majesty? You must try to regulate your temperature.”

Her royal counselor’s suggestion only made her scowl. She couldn’t do that while her child was sleeping. She was definitely going to continue to call it sleeping until—God forgive—someone gave her a diagnosis that was different. Putting one hand on her tummy, she reached out to him in her heart. Come on, little man. Mommy needs you. We want Auntie Squirt to get better. She’s going to make a really wonderful aunt to you. Reaching out to Squirt, she felt a small stream of energy from her mid-section, through her arms, and into the girl sleeping like some frozen princess.

“Mate? Why are you inside the freezer with four males?”

Turning to the doorway she smiled at her husband. Poor thing. He was standing there with two … no, four veins pulsing so strongly in his forehead he looked like a topographical map. A dark, dangerous, beautiful man who was trying desperately to not yell at her right now. “Squirt’s sick, Drake. We’re trying to help her.”

“Of course you are.” He sighed, joined them, and wrapped his body around her.

Instantly the bitter cold was beaten back. Hiding her smile by bending her head and letting her hair mask her face, Sally put her hands on Squirt again. “Come on, Miss Squirt. You’re the fiercest girl I know. You’ve kicked every man’s ass in this room either through sheer bravado or words or your brilliant mind. Please wake up?”

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