The Dowager Countess is my Life Coach

I’m told I do better with deadlines.


Not sure if that’s true. I write because it’s the only way to get the movie playing in my head to stop.


My characters tend to have BOOMING voices and carry weapons, so they don’t like being ignored for too long. Writing also releases all those emotions that get stuck inside my soul. Passion. Yearning. Guilt. Stress. Joy. Sorrow. It all gets injected into the people in the movie and makes the characters real. I always think others are the same, but maybe not.


I have writer friends that think this makes writing easy. It doesn’t. It’s more like it makes writing a survival tool, and I am trying to not just survive … but thrive.


Still. This year the goal is to release two full novels and two short stories/novelettes. I think my publisher is trying to kill me.


Or I could just give up.


The thing about writing that it’s rarely something you DO and more something you ARE. Other friends are always talking about vacations, I can’t imagine getting away from my own mind. There is no off-switch for my imagination. And my “life coach” rarely accepts excuses.


So men of the Omega clans, go right ahead and take the wheel. We have loads of work to do, a life coach watching over us, and very little time to get it done. Buckle up, buttercups, it’s gonna be a hell of a year!


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