She didn't make a sound when she came in. And yet, Turbo knew the moment Squirt was in the chamber with them. She was still wearing Aquos's shirt, a blanket tied around her waist like a sarong. She was a goddess. His eyes moved over her bruised and swollen face, and he felt his breath … Continue reading #FridayFreebie


A quick look at the first meeting between our plucky heroine, Airie, and her much unwanted fiancee, King Trevalyn, Treb to those he isn't trying to piss off. He certainly knows how to make an impression ... the wrong kind. https://media.giphy.com/media/3ohuAvHuiSn2jqIakw/giphy.gif Balls deep in … shit, what was her name? Crap, Lara. Right, Lady Lara … Continue reading #FridayFreebie

New Year New Books

Still Team Damon at heart. I wonder if all authors get nervous about releasing their babies ... I mean books into the world. My family wasn't much for holding the kid back. It was more of a toss 'em out of the nest and see if they fly. The next part of the Omega Chronicles … Continue reading New Year New Books

Being a Woman

I considered talking about a few different things today. My on-going battle with procrastination to keep this blog updated more often ... my horror at the state of the world ... my feelings of betrayal that my favorite ice cream flavor seems to have disappeared (giving the side eye to you HaagenDaaz). Then I saw … Continue reading Being a Woman