The Dowager Countess is my Life Coach

I'm told I do better with deadlines. Not sure if that's true. I write because it's the only way to get the movie playing in my head to stop. My characters tend to have BOOMING voices and carry weapons, so they don't like being ignored for too long. Writing also releases all those emotions that get … Continue reading The Dowager Countess is my Life Coach


I don't mean to rip off Star Wars, just encasing my feelings for 2018 as best as I can. I have a new hope. Not sure where it came from-- No. Not him. I didn't even write Santa this year. Somehow, some way, I have a new hope. I think a lot of it came … Continue reading A NEW HOPE

Being a Woman

I considered talking about a few different things today. My on-going battle with procrastination to keep this blog updated more often ... my horror at the state of the world ... my feelings of betrayal that my favorite ice cream flavor seems to have disappeared (giving the side eye to you HaagenDaaz). Then I saw … Continue reading Being a Woman


Also, sort of a #WIP, another piece of the third installment of the #OmegaChronicles, #TheIceDragonRises ... Luke was standing in the living room, flipping the remote in his hands as the minutes ticked by. He'd sent the elementals out to gather the Omega. It was time for them to talk. Blade was the first to … Continue reading #FridayReads


The Ice Dragon Rises is probably my favorite project so far. Check it out: Sally almost danced into the kitchen thinking of all the things she wanted to put on a tray and send up to her room. Once upon a time, most of the tray would have been for her husband, but after the … Continue reading #WednesdayWIP


The Ice Dragon rises is set to be released in June ... check out some of the sizzle. "You shouldn't be here." Four words. That was always how they started. Squirt would come down the hall, holding her blanket and pillow, and he would greet her with four words. Squirt smiled. She'd spent weeks with … Continue reading #FridayFeeling