When Sally woke up the next time it felt like her lucky day. Drake was fast asleep, making the cutest little panting noises. While she could, she managed to slip into the bathroom and start a shower. There was no way he was getting in the way of her taking a moment to do a … Continue reading #ThrowbackThursday


“First thing first. I would have you know the real me.” “Okay,” she was helped to her feet by his assistance, though her legs were so shaky from the roller coaster of desire he’d placed her on that it was evident to both of them. Her body felt like a pulsing force of endless need. … Continue reading #TBThursday


Squirt squared off with the catsu who took the last bound to reach her. Sally could see the girl's hands tighten into fists. She looked as insignificant as a fly on the side of an elephant. The best landed before her, opened its mouth and released a mighty roar. Sally imagined she could smell the … Continue reading #WednesdayWIP


The girl scowled at them and stuck out her tongue when they both laughed. “Only way you’re getting me in skirts is if you sedate me and tie me to something.” M.J. blushed at her memory of Aquos and her breaking in the suite last night. He’d made sure the bed had several strategic posters, … Continue reading #WednesdayWIP


“We need food for the wedding.” “Right.” Drake stopped and withdrew his arm from his wife. “Love, I completely forgot. I promised to help Stealth and Blade with something. I shall see you soon.”