Feel it Coming, Turbo Book 2


After searching for centuries for the answer to their Oracle’s riddle, the Clan Lords thought there was finally time to rejoice. 

They were wrong.

Pain and their cursed destiny seem to have found them again. Turbo has thrown himself to certain death after harming the love of his life, while Zelda seeks the cure for the poison attacking the Lords without the help of the one she needs the most. And Sally strives to keep them all together as her fears for her own child’s safety burden every choice she makes. 

In the fourth full installment of her Omega Series, Artemis Milchon continues the thrilling, romantic epic of the Clan Lords and their quest to find the keys to unlock an ancient riddle and save their world. The Clan Lords are always stronger when they stand together, but with so much pulling them apart, how will they survive?