In the Air

When the ice dragon soars, so too do to Omega.

But the Ice Dragons died long before any of the Clan Lords were born … or did they?


How do you find joy when your happiest day turned into the saddest?

Tragedy marred the wedding of Aquos and M.J., leaving a shadow on the hearts of the Clan. Keva’s disappearance and the growing distance between Sally and Drake weigh heavily, while Luke and Mach confront the coming storm in search of answers.

Many things hang in the balance now. A lurking enemy hunts the Clan anew, while a vicious disease threatens to wipe them out forever. And they are faced with the reality that their future survival may lie in understanding their past. 

In the third full installment of her Omega Series, Artemis Milchon continues the thrilling, romantic epic of the Clan Lords and their quest to find the keys to unlock an ancient riddle and save their world. The Clan Lords are always stronger when they stand together, but with so much pulling them apart, how will they survive?