Paxtonian Empire

How do you become a queen when you’ve never been a princess?

Metairie just wanted to do some good in the world. When the men from the Paxtonian embassy announced she would inherit a fortune if she agreed to marry their king … it seems like a dream come true.

Instead, it’s a nightmare.

Prince Charming he’s not. Trevalyn Wildercrest III, or Trebuchet to his friends, is not one for doing as he is told, even when it’s for his best interest. His kingdom is in dire need of funds, and he resents being sucked into this fairy tale marriage.

Metairie is given no choice but to follow her inheritance conditions. Trebuchet must marry a girl he doesn’t want, or risk losing his birthright. However, there’s far more at stake than stubbornness and broken dreams. For there are forces in Metairie and Trebuchet’s worlds who will do anything to take what they have, and if they cannot work together, they’ll find the cost of making Metairie a queen could be their lives.