I don’t mean to rip off Star Wars, just encasing my feelings for 2018 as best as I can.

I have a new hope. Not sure where it came from–


No. Not him. I didn’t even write Santa this year. Somehow, some way, I have a new hope. I think a lot of it came from the sheer amazingness of the romance community. My family and friends exsist in several different worlds of writers. We cover everything from rogue Hollywood scriptwriter, to genre fiction, to legacy publishing. Pretty much small press to large press to movie world. Out of all of them, I have to say the romance world is the best


and yet, also the most maligned.


Romance writers are the most open, welcoming, and informative of any of the writer groups I’ve seen/heard of/interacted. I don’t always get a YES when I ask for something, but I do always get a polite answer with some kind of encouragement. I learned so much from reading romance growing up. It gave me a love of history that inspired me to pursue college degrees and succeed. It taught me about honor, integrity, passion, and well, the sex doesn’t suck. But it’s not always about the sex. It’s about going after your dreams. It’s about believing in yourself. It’s about being true to your self and the people in your life.

And this Christmas it gave me a big box of hope.


So I’m going to make it last all year long. Happy New Year everyone! May it be as filled with love and light as mine is.


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