The Ice Dragon rises is set to be released in June … check out some of the sizzle.

“You shouldn’t be here.”

Four words. That was always how they started. Squirt would come down the hall, holding her blanket and pillow, and he would greet her with four words. Squirt smiled. She’d spent weeks with the other Omega doing everything they could to get her attention, offer her every treasure they could find, and yet the one she kept seeking out was the man who would only offer her these four words as a gift. “Why do you keep saying that?”

“It’s true.”

“And yet,” Squirt arranged the blanket before the door. “I keep coming back.” She laid on it looking at him with saddened eyes.

Turbo moved his own blanket to the bars and joined her. In any other situation they would be side by side, with nothing between them but insecurities and doubt. The bars kept them physically apart, and yet, there was something evaporating the fears they’d carried all of her life. “Squirt, this fever you fight is not going to get better on this stone floor.”

“You don’t understand.” She turned over and gave him her back. “How can you not understand?”

“Explain it to me, love.”

“My entire life, I’ve felt like a bag of skin, filled with all these broken pieces. Holes, sharp edges. I was never soft like M.J. Or gentle like my mom.” She felt his hand on her hair and stretched to give him better access. “Now this fever, I feel like I’m on actual fire.” She turned over to face him. “Except with you, Turbo.”photo-of-sensual-kissing-couple

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